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COKAL Alpaca Product Line

COKAL is a registered trademark in Canada. Currently COKAL manufactures high quality alpaca products, which are sold online.
COKAL develops an exclusive, luxury clothing line, which will be available later in 2019. You will buy a luxury piece of garment, available in limited numbers only. They might be out of stock soon. New COKAL products can only be manufactured after next years shearing. All COKAL products are reflecting modern design by keeping extremely high fleece quality in mind. These fabrics are woven using fibre of the blanket. That is the back of the alpaca which represents the first quality fleece. All COKAL garments are manufactured using fibres of less than 20 microns, reflecting fineness.
The fibre from the belly, the neck, and legs is used to produce products, which don’t touch the skin directly, like fillings for duvets.

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Alpaca fibre filled duvets

Enjoy your dreams covered by cozy alpaca duvets! Alpaca duvets Our alpaca duvets are filled with a blend of 70% alpaca wool and 30% sheep wool. That adds some more...
$350.00$570.00 CAD
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Alpaca fibre filled travel neck pillow for adults

The travel neck pillow filled with alpaca fibre will help you to sleep if you travel by air or want to sleep as passenger in a...
$30.00 CAD
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Alpaca wool dryer balls, set of 3

Alpaca wool dryer balls Adding alpaca wool dryer balls to you dryer machine load reduces drying time and saves on electricity costs. This is how dryer...
$18.00 CAD
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Alpaca wool filled pillow QUEEN size

Alpaca wool filled pillow Alpaca wool filled pillow is the ideal complement to alpaca wool filled duvets. Our alpaca wool filled pillow is handmade using alpaca...
$120.00 CAD
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