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Alpaca fibre filled duvets


$350.00$570.00 CAD

Product Description

Enjoy your dreams covered by cozy alpaca duvets!

Alpaca duvets

Our alpaca duvets are filled with a blend of 70% alpaca wool and 30% sheep wool. That adds some more loft. We use 300 g of fill per square meter for our all season and 200 g for our lightweight. The cover is 100% cotton, white.

During the night your body temperature fluctuates. This can provoke disturbed sleep. Alpaca fleece due to its unique thermoregulatory properties keeps you at a constant optimal body temperature. This ensures a comfortable sleep. Couples with differing temperature requirements will benefit in a way that alpaca fibres will keep you both at your ideal temperature.

Alpaca duvets absorb moisture. This feature makes it the ideal filling for those who suffer from night sweats. Alpaca duvets keeps your body dry during the night and create a healthy micro-environment.

The alpaca filling feels very light but nevertheless amazingly warm. Alpaca fleece is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant. It is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contain lanoline like sheep wool, which is blamed to be responsible for allergies.

There is scientific evidence that sleeping under alpaca duvets improves your sleep quality. The heart rate gets lower and allows you to sleep deeper. The number of REM phases, the time during sleep when you really regain, increases.

Each alpaca duvet is hand-made with care.


These alpaca duvets should be hand washed, machine washed on a hand wash program or dry cleaned. Never machine dry. Usually, it is sufficient to hang it outside for some hours.


Additional Information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 45 × 20 cm

European Standard 135 cm x 200 cm (79″ x 53″), Twin 91″ x 70″ (231 cm x 178 cm)-all season, Twin 91″ x 70″ (231 cm x 178 cm)-lightweight, Queen 91″ x 90″ (231 cm x 229 cm) – all season, Queen 91″ x 90″ (231 cm x 229 cm) – lightweight, King 91″ x 104″ (231 cm x 264 cm) all season, King 91″ x 104″ (231 cm x 264 cm) – lightweight


  • Hi Alfons, we met at the Vernon market on Monday. Do you make all your quilts here? Do you ever make them 100% Alpaca, leave out the 30% sheep wool?

    thank you


    • Hi Cindy, thanks for your question! All our duvets are made locally. We don’t produce them with a 100% alpaca fleece stuffing, because the blending makes them more fluffy. But the alpaca fleece adds more beneficial features to the filling like thermoregulation, which we think is one of the most important ones for a duvet. Sometimes the stuffing is compared to down filling. Here we have just one question: Did you ever see how down feathers are harvested, and the animals are tortured? On YouTube you can find a video. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. We will be at the market every Monday and Thursday.


      Wendy and Alfons

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