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CHASKA alpaca poncho

$627.00 CAD

Hand-woven Peruvian Poncho

Product Description

Chaska, meaning “Star” in Quechua, is the predominant design in this weaving, typical for the community where it was woven, Chaullachocha, 4,200 meters high in the Andean mountains, and each thread had been selected by Demesia Sinchi Echame, a young mother, whose skill in weaving has been past down since generations. This Chase 100 % natural Alpaca Poncho represents a modern remake of the traditional garment which keeps the inhabitants of the altiplano warm for centuries. This luxurious soft un-dyed black alpaca fibre adds an elegant touch of Peru to your winter wardrobe.

Additional Information

Weight 0.970 kg
Dimensions 28 x 22 x 6 cm

100 cm x 110 cm


100% Natural Alpaca Fibre


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