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Welcome to COKAL Alpaca Products & Ranch!

Thank you for visiting our website! We are Wendy and Alfons.

Our COKAL Alpaca Product online shop is dedicated to a particular choice of high quality alpaca products and clothing. Our own COKAL brand product line is under development. We will manufacture and sell luxury alpaca clothing. Currently we sell COKAL duvets and doggy beds.

Canadian Okanagan Alpaca Ranch, our sister company, sells its top fleeces exclusively to us. The ranch is nestled in a lovely valley in Coldstream, near Vernon, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

This is where we raise our beloved alpacas! Alpacas are producers of some of the finest natural fibres on the planet! Our goal is to breed alpacas for the finest fleece available to serve you, our valued customer. These animals are called VILYA (VILYA = Vicuna-Like-Yarn-Alpaca) because of their fleece quality. The wool is extremely soft, fine and cosy.

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