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Luxury Alpaca products

Peruvian Hand-made Alpaca Products

For 5,000 years traditional weaving and dyeing techniques have been used by Quechua men and women high in the Andes mountains to produce their garments on wooden looms. These items accentuate the beauty of the design of Quechua weaving. This is an integral part of their local identity as herding alpacas and the Quechua language. Marketing the traditional work of weavers, mostly women, supports them to earn an income by using their knowledge of natural fibres, natural dyes and textile traditions. It allows them to live their traditional lifestyle and still being proud of their cultural heritage.

Luxury Alpaca Products

The extraordinary fleece quality makes it possible to manufacture excellent, luxury and unique? Alpaca products. Let?s have a short look at garments manufactured out of vicuna fleece. The fineness is extraordinary, so is the comfort to wear it, the supply is very limited and the price is extraordinary like the fleece itself – you might pay more than 20,000 US$ for a suit. Whooow!

The Alpaca fibre is a little bit thicker, 16 to 20 microns compared to 12 to 16 microns of vicuna fleece. Will you feel that? No. But we are able to breed Alpacas with such fibre quality and so the amount of fibre available in the future will be higher. As of today there is not enough high quality alpaca fibre available to serve the demand of the manufacturing industry to produce enough fabrics that can be offered for much lower prices.

Furthermore it is very difficult to handle such fine fibre. Only a few companies are able and willing to produce.?



Why Canadian Okanagan Alpaca Ranch?

This is why Canadian Okanagan Alpaca Ranch strives to breed the needed quality of alpacas, which produce the demanded fleece and why the ranch exclusively sells their fleece to COKAL – Alpaca Products, our daughter company. We have partners which are able to produce the fine yarn, which can be used by other experienced partners to produce the required fabrics for our luxury garments. Our designers use these COKAL Alpaca fabrics to create the appealing garments you are looking for. Now you will understand that your COKAL garment, a modern poncho, a dress or an Abaya, is a unique piece of textile art! The amount of this fibre produced each year is about 100 times smaller compared to the amount of gold mined!

We don?t want to talk more here – finally the way you are feeling wearing your COKAL Alpaca piece of textile will tell you that you took the right choice. You decided to buy a luxury, extraordinary, comfortable, unique piece of garment.?

That is very long lasting and even easy to clean. These products will be available soon.