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Philosophy of COKAL Alpaca Products

Canadian Okanagan Alpaca Ranch is a family-run ranch and is home to our Huacaya alpacas. Most of our alpacas are white because of the superior quality of white fleece. We believe that the true value of alpacas is fleece production. We are dedicated to breeding the highest quality of alpacas. That allows us to harvest the finest fleece and then to manufacture and sell our own COKAL alpaca products. Each COKAL alpaca product has a history linked to its producer – one of our own cute and friendly alpacas. We sell our fleeces exclusively to our daughter company COKAL Inc. The focus is on luxury alpaca products, such as exclusive garments. That is our way to acknowledge the unique fleece of alpacas. Their gift to the world! You, our valued customer, will be able to buy one of the most exclusive garments. We are striving for modern design and best fleece quality. You will see the design, but more importantly you will feel the fleece quality, every day.