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SAPA wide scarf

  • alpaca wool clothing

$245.00 CAD

Hand-woven wide onyx & crimson scarf using natural dyeng techniques (cochineal insect for red, kaka sunkha plant for brown)as well as natural occurring shades of alpaca fibre.

Product Description

SAPA in Quechua means full of design. The designs include ?pica pica? (Incan stairs) at the border and flowers and hearts in the center all features of the natural environment. The heart in the centre of the weaving highlights the love of the weaver (and the wearer) for the natural environment. This scarf is woven in the Totora community in Peru?s Sacred Valley.

This stunning accessory item will bring an elegant touch of Peru to your wardrobe giving an extraordinary soft touch.

Additional Information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 2 cm

30 cm x 210 cm


100% Baby Alpaca


onyx & crimson


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