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The Ranch

Sunny Hill in a Lovely Valley

Our alpaca?ranch is situated on a sunny hill in the lovely Coldstream valley, near Vernon, in the Okanagan valley. Canadian Okanagan Alpaca Ranch is committed to breed alpacas which produce some of the finest fleece possible today. ?We exclusively manufacture and sell our fleece products through COKAL Inc. The 15 acre alpaca ranch allows for up to 70 alpacas to graze on green pastures of Orchard grass mixed with lupine, which adds to their nutrition. The grass keeps the fleece of our animals clean and offers them a healthy diet. That?is important for the fleece quality. In addition, we feed a specifically developed supplementary nutrition to keep our animals healthy and improve fleece quality. Our alpacas have access to fresh water all the time. It is very important to clean up the pastures frequently to avoid the spread of diseases. Our alpacas live outside year around. But shelters allow for shadow and protection against rain and snow. A 6-foot high fence protects them from predators. Straying dogs, coyotes, cougars, and bears are their most dangerous enemies living in our area. Even more important in our opinion are guardian dogs to secure the alpacas’ safety. We keep Maremmas on the alpaca ranch. They live together with the flock of alpacas and keep predators away. We developed our own breeding program. All foundation animals, females as well as males, are carefully selected for their fleece quality.

It?s our lifestyle!

We want to highlight?that we enjoy what we are doing at our alpaca ranch. We love our animals, know them by name, respect their individual characters and manners. On Canadian Okanagan Alpaca Ranch our alpacas are not just seen as ?fleece producers?. We share our lives. For both?of us, Wendy and Alfons, breeding alpacas is not a hobby, nor is it just a profession – it?s our lifestyle! After?looking at some of the images you will understand why.